Wall Panels made of U-PVC are suitable for living areas and bathrooms, with easy to clean convenience and water / humidity resistance. They are applicable for damp walls thus provide comfort, style and hygienic environment without the need of any maintenance. These DIY products are easy to install without the need of special skills and tools. By fixing directly to the wall, it removes the necessity to prepare the surface by rendering, thus saving considerably on expensive labour required for plastering or fixing of tiles.

PVC Wall Paneling is ideal for many interior applications:

Bathrooms & Kitchens
PVC Wall Panelings make an ideal choice for bathroom wall coverings due to their resistance to moisture, welling and lamination. Panels provide a bright, easy to clean surface.

Den & Office
PVC Wall Panelings give any room a feeling of warmth and elegance with the many design options, colors and finishes offered.

PVC Wall Panelings are both attractive and functional and are ideal to use to open new spaces in your home or freshen up dark and dingy areas with that aesthetically pleasing designer look.

PVC Wall Panelings can transform a tired and outdated bedroom into a relaxing and luxurious room; being the ultimate in wall coverings is the economical way to make any area in your home bright, modern and contemporary.

The benefits of PVC Wall Panelings over other wall coverings:

• Innovative with decorative patterns such as marble, onyx, wood grain patterns, etc., that are not available in other wall covering materials.

• Safe with a high fire rating.

• Waterproof and will not rot, delaminate or absorb water therefore ideal for tub surrounds and any high moisture area.

• Easy to install being lightweight, easy to handle without the need of special tools. Panels can be readily fastened using nails, staples, screws or glue.

• Made of high quality PVC.

• Insulation material ideal for any room, including tub surrounds, kitchens, offices, basements, garages, mobile homes and recreational vehicles and agricultural applications.

• Cleans up with a damp cloth.



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