Gypsum Partitioning is the ideal way to divide rooms within existing building structures such as homes or offices. Gypsum has a similar finish to stone and offers a host of advantages including lower cost and faster construction. The partitioning consists of two gypsum-plasterboard sheets attached to a galvanized metal structure via self-drill screws. The metal structure has a thickness of 50mm or 70mm, and allows for glass, wool and/or insulation to be added to achieve the thermal, acoustic and fire-proof properties you desire. 


Gypsum wall units are a great option for anyone looking to add a spark to their living room or office space. These interior elements have grown in popularity over the past few years and are no longer looked at as simply boxes or shelves but as an integral part of the room. Apart from looking seamlessly beautiful they also serve to maximise on space. At Vical Interiors we provide custom wall unit solutions using lightweight and durable material – which can be worked into arches, podiums, niches and other elements of your choosing.