Roller blinds are not only discrete but they’re also extremely practical. Whether you’d like to cool down your room without foregoing that picturesque view or when you’d simply block out the sun to protect your furniture, roller blinds are the answer! At Vical Interiors we offer a range of fabrics that allow different levels of privacy and light filtration. 

beige roller blinds

Roller blinds can be either front roll or back roll, and can come with a white, silver or fabric covering. 


At Vical we provide over 100 different fabric options for roller blinds. Our fabrics are categorized into six categories: B/O DesignB/O FabricB/O PlainDesignPlain and Screen. Each category of roller blind fabrics offers different materials and different levels of light blocking. The B/O categories offer up to 100% blackout! A limited number of ready-made blinds in fixed sizes are also available.