Folding doors are an easy and economical way to divide space. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, these doors are mainly installed in bedrooms, dining rooms, closet installations, bathrooms and garages. 

Folding doors consist of hinged door leaves that open and close with the help of an overhead track. The track allows the door leaves to be neatly folded to the side when the door is open to allow a comfortable width to pass through.

Different environments call for different kinds of folding doors. For example: A folding door for a bathroom in a restaurant needs to be neater than a folding door used to hide storage in a garage. This is why we provide four configurations:

P09: Plain Folding Door

P10/L10: Folding Door with 16 Perspex Panels

P11/L11: Folding Door with 4 Long Perspex Panels

P12/L12: Folding Door with 4 Perspex Panels

All folding doors are made from high quality PVC material and can be custom made to measure in the pattern of your choice. Various colours and finishes are available to choose fromThe P10/L10 & P12/L12 folding door panels are available in either opaque perspex or wave perspex material. 

plain folding door malta
glass panel folding door malta
glass panel folding door malta


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