Whether it be a school, office or home, no room is complete without skirting. Skirting boards give your room a stylish and complete look. They also serve to protect your walls from scratches and allow you to neatly hide away any cabling. 

Clip-On Skirting

Made from extruded polystyrene, Clip-On skirting comes in a variety of realistic wood and stone patterns. It is waterprooftermite proof and impact resistantThis skirting is also very easy to install and very easy to remove

Available in a variety of colours and patterns, our skirting offers maximum functionality and durability, and is suitable for any environment!

Our wide range includes 7cm, 10cm and 12cm options. 

PVC Skirting

As the name implies, PVC Skirting is an alternative type of skirting made from PVC. This skirting comes in various wood patterns as well as in aluminium and white. It is very easy to install and maintain.

This skirting is only available in 6cm options.

Skirting Accessories

– Inner Corners

– Outer Corners

Multibox for PVC Skirting

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