FOLDING DOORS are an easy and economical way to divide space. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, folding doors can be used for everything from bedrooms and family rooms to closet installations and bathrooms. At Vical Interiors we provide bespoke folding doors that attach to overhead tracks, thus eliminating the need for floor tracks – which can be a tripping hazard. Available in a variety of colours and finishes. We also offer shower doors. 

Different environments call for different kinds of folding doors. This is why we provide four configurations:

– P09: Plain

– P10/L10: 16 Perspex Panels

– P11/L11: 4 Long Perspex Panels

– P12/L12: 4 Perspex Panels

The P10/L10 & P12/L12 panels are available in either opaque perspex or wave perspex.

Wave Perspex
Opaque Perspex

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