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Welcome to Vical Interiors

Vical Interiors Ltd was established in 1994 by introducing innovative and trendy home decoration products to the market requirements. Since its beginning the concept was to offer functional and aesthetically pleasing interior solutions which are quick, easy to install and value for money. Today we specialize in various areas of home decoration such as soffits, folding doors and gypsum boards

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for the Design Admirers

Our vast product selection has always been based on the latest trends and styles. We are committed to deliver a wide range of home improvement décor that suits every setup being a Classical, Contemporary or Modern arrangement. We are here to inspire you with unique designs and functional solutions.

for the DIY Enthusiast

We place the DIY enthusiast at the centre of our company when it comes to developing and introducing new products on the market. Our priority is that each element is appropriately matched so that the whole creates an aesthetic and functional product that is easily assembled and installed.

for the Custom Made Requests

We strive so that your interiors will become an exceptional nature, thus we offer custom made products to fit in every environment. Our extensive collection of customisable products was developed to suit both style and function whist maintaining the decorative aspects to fulfil the market’s expectations.




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