A perfect Blend of tradition and technology with classic elegance and old world charm reflected in a large array of distinctive motifs are an inspiration for designers, architects, craftsmen and homeowners. With exquisitely detailed mouldings, whether the décor theme is elegantly contemporary or traditional in style, our cornices live up to the grandest expectations.

Gypsum Covings & Dadorails offers a stylish appearance with many designs to choose. It is excellent in quality and is of high strength made of lightweight materials. These products are highly resistant to water, fire, mildew and termites. It conserves heat, absorb sound and will never change their shape or appearance.

Dadorails used on walls, ceilings and door surrounds visually enhance a room’s sense of space by adding exquisite decorations that bring elegance and ambience to any décor. Dadorails with complementary corners bring a harmonizing design to all living spaces.

Accessories are also available to give the elegant form, definition and aesthetic depth to bring out the best of corniced ceilings. From sleek lines of design to traditional elegance, cornice corners make a beautiful statement.


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